January 16, 2015


Kat Dahlia Recalls "Raw" Moments Recording Debut Album 'My Garden'

After bursting on the scene with autobiographical 2013 single "Gangsta" and the hit 2014 follow-up "Crazy," fiery singer/songwriter Kat Dahlia finally dropped her highly-anticipated My Garden album this week. Kat stops by the next Top 20 Countdown on Tuesday to talk about her debut.

In this first-look clip from Kat's Top 20 appearance (don't miss it Tuesday, Jan. 20 at 9/8c), the singer begrudgingly admits to host Esteban that it's easier for her to write a sad or angry song from a place of pain than it is to write a happy song.

On recording acoustic album closer "Just Another Dude" Dahlia says she "was going through something so heavy." She recalls "I literally went in the [recording] booth and I just blacked out. I don't think we even wrote anything down, and the take that we kept was either the first or the second take... We just kept it really raw."

Plus, Kat shares what she wants fans to know about her from the album. "I feel like it's harder for me to put on facade and have to hold up that facade... I feel weird – It feels awkward pretending to be something."

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