January 6, 2015


Kendrick Lamar Won't Rule Out New Music to Accompany Sneaker Release

While fans eagerly await a new album from Kendrick Lamar after the release of "I," the rapper certainly isn't shying away from new work. He's collaborating with Reebok at the moment to debut a short film about his hometown of Compton, CA, and the video will include a sneak peek at Reebok's new Ventilator OG, which celebrates 25 years of the iconic sneaker. 

Lamar sits down with Fuse host Esteban Serrano on tonight's Top 20 Countdown at 9/8c to provide more details about his work with Reebok and his own upcoming signature shoe, which is set to arrive later this year. You can check out a clip from Lamar's guest appearance above!

Appropriately enough, Lamar looks back on his youth with Serrano while explaining the surreal experience of being able to design his own shoe. The short film Lamar worked on, titled Reebok Presents Kendrick Lamar, is all about his hometown of Compton and features young people who attend his alma mater, Centennial High School. A clip was released last month and can be watched here

"You come from a place where sometimes we weren't able to afford the shoes that we wanted. That's in any urban community," Lamar says. "You come from that place, and think about that back then, and then fast-forward to now, with, 'Kendrick, you may have your own shoe.' That's a highlight moment, you know. I won't take it for granted."

In the clip above, Lamar delves deeper into where he drew inspiration for the video and mentions that his hometown and the places that meant the most to him growing up will also inspire his shoe design. That's how he plans to design an "organic" sneaker, rather than simply looking at what new shoes are hot right now. 

As for the potential of new music with the release of the shoe? Lamar says he hasn't thought about it yet, but doesn't rule out the possibility. Watch the video above and tune into Top 20 Countdown tonight at 9/8c for more from Kendrick Lamar. Find Fuse in your area.