January 27, 2015


'The Boy Next Door' Star Ryan Guzman Details "Steamy" Scene with Jennifer Lopez

Ryan Guzman, who stars alongside Jennifer Lopez in the new thriller The Boy Next Door, stops by Fuse's Top 20 Countdown to tell us all about his experience filming the movie with J.Lo and which artists he's obsessed with these days! Watch clips of his guest appearance on the show above and below and tune into Top 20 Countdown tonight at 9/8c for more. 

Guzman plays the character of Noah Sandborn, who becomes obsessed with Lopez's Claire Peterson during the film. The Boy Next Door was released into theaters on Friday. Guzman, who has appeared in the two most recent Step Up films, says that the character was enticing to him–being a "bad guy" in the plot is a new look for him. 

As for his relationship with J.Lo, Guzman says she was a huge help to him throughout the filming process–especially when he was nervous about shooting an intimate scene with her that is crucial to the movie's plot and his character's development.

"The day [to shoot this scene] came really, really quick and I still wasn't ready. I was freaking out," Guzman tells Fuse host Katie van Buren. "So I talked to Jennifer, I said, 'I'm nervous, what do I do?' She said, 'This scene is so vital to the whole film, we have to make this the most memorable, passionate, steamy scene that anyone's ever seen, because without that, the character has no reason to become crazy. I think we accomplished that–we gave 50 Shades of Grey a run for their money."

So, what else is Guzman obsessed with? Watch the videos above and below to hear him profess his love for Sam Smith, who nearly brought him to tears during a concert at the Apollo Theater in New York City, and reveal how good he was at dancing to Usher when he was younger. Guzman also goes into further details about The Boy Next Door, "modeling" for Calvin Klein and his career as an MMA fighter! 

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