February 9, 2015


GRAMMYs 2015: Take a Backstage Tour, See Beyoncé's Dressing Room

When we're watching our couches, the GRAMMYs are undoubtedly a polished, glamorous affair—and that means a tongoes on behind the scenes. Get a behind-the-scenes tour from Bow Wow, who acted as the 2015 GRAMMY social media reporter, in Fuse's exclusive video above.

When an artist picks up their statue for winning award, we see them go backstage to...what? A party with celebratory champagne flowing from waterfalls? A dark, boring room? The first big reveal is that there's a lot going on underneath the GRAMMY stage.

Bow Wow explains that below the action on stage right is where a huge chunk of producers sit to "make sure what you guys are seeing at home is the way you should be seeing the award show at home." Across the producers on stage left is what's called the "artist holding." Bow Wow says that when it's time for a celeb to present onstage, a supervisor will come grab them at their seat and bring them to the artist holding area. "They bring you here, a script supervisor comes to meet you...they'll prep you, they go over your teleprompter with your words so when you get out there you don't sound crazy," Bow Wow explains.

Bow Wow also got to take a look at Beyoncé's dressing room ahead of the award show. The room boasted loads of tables (surely for the huge glam squad Bey would be bringing), a leather couch decked out with red and silver pillows all tied together by zebra-pattern drapes. "Dope" is an understatement.

The last juicy tidbit Bow Wow let us in on was about how the gift baskets are created at the 2015 GRAMMYs. While there's loads of companies looking to give goodies away inside the "Official Talent Gift Lounge," there's only one person in charge of picking who gets to make impression. We learned that the GRAMMYs attendance is nearly 80 percent male, making Gibson and sunglasses companies slam-dunk choices to include. But due to the #dudeoverload, there aren't as many beauty and skin products as one would see in gift lounges for other award shows.

Watch the full tour above for more insider secrets and check out all of Fuse's content from the 2015 GRAMMYs right here.