February 24, 2015


Christina Aguilera's Britney Spears Impression Is Just Perfect

During a friendly, "NBC's The Voice is back!" visit to NBC's The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy FallonChristina Aguilera used her unbeatable pipes for a funny, amazing cause. As part of a little viral-video-disguised-as-a-game, Xtina sang the little Folgers Coffee tune in the style of Cher, followed by Jimmy rocking "Grand Old Flag" in the style of David Bowie.

Then sh*t got real, when Aguilera's turn on the roulette stopped on Britney Spears singing the popular children's-toes game "This Little Piggy." The Roots dropped a beat suspiciously like "Hit Me One More TIme" and the new mom and Starbucks saint immediately started nailing it and didn't stop for a solid 20 seconds. The stuff of legends. Watch it above.

Not only do Xtina and Britney go way back to their Disney Channel days as teens, but they broke onto the scene within a year of each other in 1998 and '99.

Oh: don't forget to get to the end of that video, either, because it turns out the "Genie in a Bottle" boss's Shakira impression is just as sharp as her Cher and Brit.