February 25, 2015


Diana Espir & Nelly Party in a Comic Book World in "Tomboy" Video

After giving you the exclusive behind-the-scenes look last week, Fuse is thrilled to premiere Diana Espir and Nelly's new video for "Tomboy." Watch the clip (Espir's first!) above and see The Voice France singer and the rap all-star partying (and getting just a little bit flirty) in a comic book-inspired world.

"The concept of the video represents individuality, a girl who would rather have a good time with the boys," Espir tells us. "It expresses a positive message about the equal relationship between a girl and her guy friends; making a lighthearted statement about female empowerment. Every girl can be tomboyish in her own way and should be herself despite others opinions. Nelly is like the mentor; the 'big brother figure' in the song who is schooling me. The 'Tomboy' video represents a girl that guys would love to have as a friend, but who also has the potential to grow as their partner."

The rising star also tells us the St. Louis MC took his "big brother figure" role seriously during filming:

"Nelly was great and an amazing mentor on set. He gave me good input not only for the video but also for my career. It really was the ideal person to work with on my first video...We tried to create an organic aesthetic of a bunch of friends just hanging out. We made sure we had drinks and a fun time together, invited our friends to create this cool energy and be able to show it on camera, almost like a video that was shot between friends."

Enjoy the "Tomboy" video and watch out for more from Diana Espir soon.