February 26, 2015


Ed Sheeran Thought Sam Smith Would Win All His 2015 BRIT Awards

After a 2014 that included a No. 1 album, three Top 10 singles and an areana tour, Ed Sheeran's two wins at the BRIT Awards 2015 should have surprised no one. But the one person who was surprised? The artist himself.

"I win now and then, but winning isn't really a thing that I'm used to," Sheeran told Fuse backstage at British music's biggest night. "To be honest, I thought Sam [Smith] was going to get [British] Album or British Male Solo, so it's nice to get both. I know Sam got the Global [Success] Award which is kind of the best one, I'd say, that shows outside of the U.K. you're smashing it."

Sheeran also gave props to other much-talked about artists at the BRITs. 

"I enjoyed Kayne's performance," he added. "There's a video on YouTube of Dizzee Rascal and Crazy Titch in a youth club passing a microphone back and forth with a lot of people around them. It reminded me of that,. I don't know if he's trying to go for the same energy, it was very energetic. I liked it. And Royal Blood. I thought Taylor's opening was great. And I thought Sam's was beautiful."

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