February 20, 2015


Fall Out Boy Share Silly "Irresistible" Video

After channeling their inner gladiators in the "Centuries" video and watching a ballerina take down men twice her size in the album title track "American Beauty/American Psycho," Fall Out Boy are back with "Irresistible." While the song details endless lust for an unnamed woman, the video spins the lovelorn lyrics into something much, much more ridiculous.

The not-particularly-tall pop-punkers look downright tiny standing next to professional basketball players, they look tiny. In this video, they take on a local team—perhaps to win the affection and attention of a foxy lady in the audience?

In the beginning, they get totally demolished by the home team, inspiring the crowd to cheer for Fall Out Boy. Then Patrick Stump's suddenly losing a hand, while Pete Wentz gets picked up for a dunk. Near the end, we get a glimpse of vintage FOB (evident in Stump's once-iconic mutton chops.) The whole thing is pretty bizarre.

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