February 17, 2015


Mikey & Gerard Way Play First Post–My Chemical Romance Show Together

Last month, throughout his massive international tour, My Chemical Romance frontman Gerard Way debuted new songs like "Cheap Lights," "Kid Nothing," and the now-familiar, "Don't Try." Gerard, known for his admiration for all things Japanese, had a special treat for the island nation during a recent performance in Tokyo: He brought his brother Mikey Way, the longtime My Chemical Romance bassist, to join him on stage. The dynamic duo tackled Gerard's "Don't Try" in what will prove to be a memorable performance. The brothers haven't performed together since the group disbanded almost two years ago. 

The news first arrived as an Instagram tease, with Gerard posting a picture of a man cloaked in black, sound checking, with the caption, "Someone showed up for a very special show tonight in Tokyo." The side-profile was enough for some hardcore MCR fans to identify as Mikey, and Gerard later confirmed their suspicions by tweeting a picture of the pair on stage.

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