February 3, 2015


Katy Perry, Drake, Britney & More Read Awful Tweets About Themselves

Jimmy Kimmel gets celebrities to do crazy things. Like the time he disguised Drake and watched him interview Drake-haters on the street, or the bunch of times he's had huge packs of celebrities read mean tweets about themselves.

Fortunately on Monday night Jimmy Kimmel Live presented Musicians Read Mean Tweets Vol. 2. Ed Sheeran gets called ugly, Drake finds out someone pictures him as "Voldemort with hair," Wiz Khalifa dies at the idea that he looks like a homeless woman, and Iggy Azalea has no time for someone's problem with her mole.

And Britney Spears has to deal with this.

Jimmy Kimmel Live on Youtube
Jimmy Kimmel Live on Youtube

Ariana GrandePitbullSiaChildish Gambino read some hilariously dirty ones about themselves. (Ari cracks up more than anyone.) 

PSY probably wins the whole thing, although Lady GagaSam Smith5 Seconds Of SummerKaty Perry and Josh Groban seem to be having a great time, too.