February 12, 2015


Watch a Killswitch Engage Guitarist Win Huge on 'The Price Is Right'

When discussing modern American metal, Killswitch Engage is bound to come up in conversation. Their malleable take on the genre combines elements of metalcore and straight-up sludge, making their sound easily identifiable and totally iconic. Other than slaying breakdowns, the band can now add "ridiculously good at daytime game shows" to their repertoire.

A few days ago guitarist Adam Dutkiewicz went on The Price Is Right and won big...ridiculously big! Huge!

It started with a car, then a truck, eventually spinning his way to over $50,000 in goods. 

It's fun watching the incredibly meticulous, incredibly serious musician freak the eff out. Watch it above and check out the rest of our Killswitch content by clicking here!