February 9, 2015


Lady Gaga & Tony Bennett Talk "Exposing Jazz to Everybody" at GRAMMYs

Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett had one of the most universally appealing GRAMMY performances with their duet of "Cheek to Cheek," the title track from their joint release that snagged the Best Traditional Pop Vocal Album award. Fuse spoke to the duo about how they felt bringing a rare jazz performance that appealed to multiple generations to the GRAMMYs. Check out the clip above.

"It's really a wonderful opportunity for jazz and the whole jazz community to be singing on such a global stage," Gaga said. "Jazz already has a really big audience. There's jazz lovers all over the world. By us coming together, it's not so much about just exposing jazz to my fans, but exposing jazz to everybody, all at once. We're really grateful."

"The fact that we're doing this together is thrilling," added Tony. 

The 88-year-old Bennett added that Cheek to Cheek has already found loads of love from live audiences. "We're booked all over the world," he said. "All over America, all over Europe. Already, we're sold out everywhere in the world. Before we're even going there!"

With a second duet album already planned, it looks like there's no end in sight for the duo's jazz-pop domination. Check out all of Fuse's GRAMMY 2015 content right here.