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BRIT Awards 2015

Madonna Took a Serious Fall During Her BRIT Awards Performance

Performing the 'Rebel Heart' single "Living for Love," the singer was yanked down three stairs—and hopped up to finish the song

Remember Madonna's GRAMMYs performance of "Living for Love," the single from her impending album Rebel Heart? Bull-men, matador vibes, killer beat? The Queen of Pop gave the flashy number another whirl at the 2015 BRIT Awards on Wednesday, and things didn't go so smoothly. Watch the video above—if you're ready to cringe.

Right off the bat, Madonna made a grand pose at the top of a stairway, in a moment where her long black cape was supposed to be torn away. Instead, it tore Madonna away with it—down three big steps, straight onto her back. The 56-year-old and consummate professional shook it off and got up to finish the song. Pretty damned impressive.

Later, on Instagram, Madge clarified: "My beautiful cape was tied too tight! But nothing can stop me and love really lifted me up! Thanks for your good wishes! I'm fine!" Phew. To celebrate our heroine's instant recovery, go ahead and check out the "Living for Love" music video, which is essentially a professionally filmed version of the live performance (with zero tumbles):

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