February 4, 2015


See Unlocking the Truth Join Marilyn Manson on "The Beautiful People"

Unlocking the Truth first caught our eye in 2013 after a few head-turning performances at New York's Apollo Theater and Times Square. At the time, they were 11-year old metal prodigies, slaying their instruments and putting adult musicians everywhere to shame. Soon the trio scored a $1.7 million contract with Sony Music and told Fuse about the move towards super-stardom, guitarist Malcolm Brickhouse explaining, "It was a dream come true. I remember when me and [drummer] Jarad were in the basement when we were younger, we used to perform by ourselves in the mirror and act like we were actually famous."

The tweens are so impressive, in fact, they grabbed the attention of goth icon Marilyn Manson, who's riding a wave with his new album The Pale Emperor. He invited the boys to join him onstage for a performance of his 1996 hit "The Beautiful People" at a concert in Pennsylvania. 

The Unlocking the Truth boys don't shred in the clip, but they do share vocal duties with Manson. It's hard to determine who does a more badass job—watch the fan-filmed clip above, and then check out some of our vintage Marilyn tour shots.