February 10, 2015


New Florence + The Machine: Spin "How Big How Blue How Beautiful"

Ladies and gentlemen, she's back! It's been a while since we last heard from Florence + the Machine—years, even. In 2013, the English group had a moment of viral fame involving tequila and a bizarre cover of Daft Punk's "Get Lucky." Before that, it was her contribution to the Great Gatsby soundtrack that made headlines. It's been four years since her last full-length LP, the sweeping Ceremonials, and we're beyond ready for something new.

Luckily today's the day the rambunctious redhead shared "How Big How Blue How Beautiful," the first track for her upcoming third album. It's classic Florence + the Machine whimsy, complete with full orchestra and a particularly loud brass section. On first listen, It sounds like the soundtrack to some epic medieval film or multi-billion dollar video game...a totally huge, engulfing soundscape.

"How Big How Blue How Beautiful" arrived with a partnering video, equally as cinematic as the track. It takes place on a gray day, with two women (Florence and doppelganger) embracing in front of an outdoor auditorium. Their hugging swiftly transitions into modern dance moves, contorting their bodies without ever losing touch. Is someone taking a page out of The Book of Sia?