February 27, 2015


Watch Old People Adorably Cover "Uptown Funk"

The success of Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars' high-energy hit "Uptown Funk" has brought about a ton of covers...have you seen this amazing rendition done by a Texas high school? Now, a group of hilarious senior citizens have put their spin on the soon-to-be modern-day classic.

Watch the sure-to-go-viral video above. A 92-year-old woman does the splits, the wardrobe is totally reflective of the video, everyone seems to be having a blast and the group manages to find the perfect Mars look-a-like!

To make the cover elderly-friendly, lines about "liquor" are changed to "Kool-aid." There are walkers, scooters, tons of tiny details that make the jam old school in more ways than one. 

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