March 19, 2015


Series Premiere: '10 Worst Things' You Can Hear on a First Date

There's a lot of lists out there (and right here!) celebrating the best of the best—so we've bravely taken it upon ourselves to bring you the worst of the worst. Whether it’s a first date, a doctor’s visit or the initial sit-down with your girlfriend’s parents, we'll take care of finding the least-great things you can say, hear and you don’t have to.

In our first episode of 10 Worst Things, we tackle the lines that would make us throw food at the person sitting across the dinner table, or possibly run screaming for the door. Until next time, tell us what you'd like to see in our next episode of 10 Worst Things. 

Directed by Paul McKeown, starring Ryan Budds, Hannah Gansen, Corey Saunders and Wendi Starling, music by Greg Faust, featuring Juan Toledo.

Which episode would you like to see next?

'10 Worst Things' You Can Hear in the Sack
'10 Worst Things' You Can Say to a Cop
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