June 23, 2015


Update: 5 Seconds of Summer Did Not Give the Janoskians "Cloudy"

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Update (6/23): It's over, folks, and here's the scoop. 5 Seconds of Summer did, in fact, write "Cloudy." They didn't give it to the Janoskians and the Janoskians aren't going to officially release it. 5SOS drummer Ashton Irwin explained on Australia's Shazam Top 20: "It's a song we wrote. We never gave it to anyone. They used it. He added that 5 Seconds never gave the other Aussie band of boys permission to use the tune.

"No one told us they were using it. It was kind of a song we forgot about writing on the first album," frontman Luke Hemmings added. "It took us a while remember what song it actually was." Well there you have it. An unreleased 5SOS song as performed by the "Best Friends" band. Listen to it below if you haven't already.

Update (6/15): It's not over yet! The song that the boys from down under have allegedly collaborated on is here. If we're being honest, the jam sounds a lot like 5 Seconds of Summer—palm-muted power chords, harmonizing choruses, Blink-182-inspired bridges, gang vocals. Classic pop-punk, man! So, did 5SOS write this with the Janoskians? Will we ever know? At the very least, listen to the song, "Cloudy" above. It's a tune.

Update (3/6): Bad news, Janoskian fans! 5 Seconds of Summer drummer Ashton Irwin has responded to a fan about the supposed collaboration, writing on Twitter: "we didn't know about it ... And we didn't co write anything with the janoskians." A quick search on the songwriting database ASCAP shows that the song tentatively titled "Cloudy" is actually "Cloudy with a Chance of Pain." It gives no credit to the Janoskians, but says it was penned by Calum Hood and Michael Clifford of 5SOS as well as Yellowcard frontman Ryan Key. The song is attributed to Razor & Tie Records, which is Key's label, not 5SOS' or the Janoskian's home. Basically, we're left with more questions than answers. What's going on, guys?

Original Story (3/5): Good news for fans of debaucherous dudes from Down Under! YouTube-pranksters-turned-punkers the Janoskians have joined forces with music powerhouse 5 Seconds of Summer. They've known each other for a while now, but today revealed that they're writing with none other than 5SOS bassist Calum Hood.

The Janoskians told Capital FM they wrote a track titled "Cloudy" with Hood. It's one of their favorites and was actually pulled from their current EP.

"It's so huge they want to release it as a single on its own," James Yammouni explained. Watch their interview above, check out the latest on 5SOS' sophomore album, and try our "5 Seconds of Summer or One Direction" lyric quiz.