March 12, 2015


Angel Haze Helped a Homophobic Mother Accept Her Bisexual Daughter

MTV on Youtube
MTV on Youtube

In the past, Angel Haze raised her voice to speak up about her sexualityslut-shaming and female discord in hip hop. Last night she opted to make a huge difference for one struggling family.

The Dirty Gold rapper/singer co-hosts Truce, a new MTV series that looks to have Haze and a team help people overcome conflicts in different relationships in their lives. This episode focused on a young woman, Briyonza, whose mother, Chiquina, refused to accept or engage with her daughter's bisexuality. Chiquina offered some shockingly naive commentary on sexuality ("Girls, I think they just try stuff...this is how people get hooked on drugs: They try things"), chalking up her nonacceptance to a literal phobia of homosexuality, along with religion. 

Needless to say, things did not go well when Briyonza and her girlfriend tried to have a sit down with her mom and grandmother. That is, until Angel broke in.

The rapper opened up about how she has been estranged from her mother for years over her sexuality. Haze identifies as pansexual, and has spoken and rapped about being part of the strict Greater Apostolic Faith and how her mother told her, "You'll burn in hell or probably die of AIDS." The turning point of the episode played out like this:

Angel: "I don't have a family, I haven't talked to my mom in five years and that's how it goes." 

Chiquina: "All because of that? You ought to be ashamed of yourself."

Angel: "No, she ought to be ashamed of herself for choosing that over her own child."

Thanks to Angel's words, Mom (and Grandma!) said their "hearts were touched" and would choose the love they had for Briyonza above all.

Watch the touching clips (FYI, you might tear up) over at Gawker.