March 30, 2015


Fifth Harmony Step Up as New-Age Feminist Icons in "Worth It" Video

From the Spice Girls trademarking the phrase "girl power" to Destiny's Child's "Independent Women" themes, we now have a new girl group pushing a badass feminist agenda. While the Spice Girls focused on friendship and BeyoncéMichelle and Kelly empowered their fellow women, Fifth Harmony go straight to the "dominate men" level and look to balance the scales in their new video for "Worth It."

The quintet imagine a world where old white dudes don't run Wall Street, one where the fierce 5H ladies are the ones in charge. The girls have their male assistants read the ticker tape and set up golf balls to whack in the office. Oh, and the dudes are the ones shining the shoes—ahem, heels. Meanwhile, phrases like "feminism is sexy" and "women in power" scroll across the NASDAQ-style ticker. 

The visual also makes a statement style-wise. While we're always down for coordinating girl group outfits, the fact that each member rocks a completely different look (from Camila's sharp suit look to Ally's crop top/high-waisted shorts combo) also pushes an independent mindset. These gals are dressing for themselves than for show. 

"Worth It" is the third single plucked from Fifth Harmony's fiercely feminist Reflection album. With its trendy, trappy sound and "Talk Dirty"–esque horn breakdown, the Kid Ink collabo sounds like a hit. But with this forward-thinking vid, the single could have a much larger purpose for inspiring young girls to truly believe they're "Worth It" and can own Wall Street or any other place on which they set their sights.