March 23, 2015


Hozier Reveals Very Straight, Dance-Centric "Work Song" Video

Update (3/23): Like we saw in an earlier teaser clip (below), Hozier's "Work Song" got a gorgeous, dance-centric visual to accompany it. Inside a small concert hall, the Irishman croons out his latest gospel-tinged stomper of a single as couples perform sensual choreography to the beat.

It's a great video, no doubt, but we have to admit we're a little disappointed Hozier only showed heterosexual couples after his all-inclusive, anti-homophobic "Take Me to Church" video. In fact, there isn't any imagery that strays past a heteronormative narrative. If there was concern about having two people of the same sex dancing with each other (admittedly, it's tricky to pair same-gender dance partners when lifts are involved), there could have been a few shots of queer couples watching Hozier perform, holding hands, maybe?

Hozier doesn't need to be the go-to dude for spotlighting gay couples—he's rather mum on the subject of his sexuality, and Kelly Clarkson has been repping lately—but it would have been a cool gesture after the great response to "Take Me to Church."

Original Story (3/20): Well, it looks like Hozier's "Take Me to Church" has finally overstayed its welcome—it just fell out of Top 10 on the Billboard Hot 100 this week in its 31st week on the chart. So, perfect time to start preparing his official follow up.

The Irish singer-songwriter has picked "Work Song" as his next international single, a great choice as a song that's just as haunting and emotionally stirring as "Take Me to Church." In a quick sneak peak show on Vevo, it looks like Hozier's prepping a dance-centric visual that sees the singer performing in a small venue as skilled dance couples spin and lift one another. One girl sort of looks like Kiesza so it's going to be awesome. Watch above at the 1:20 below.

"Take Me to Church" got a second wind of viral love after a ballet interpretation directed by Dave LaChapelle earned more than eight million views in a month's time. Clearly, Hozier + emotional dancing = success, meaning "Work Song" should start rocketing up the charts when the full visual is revealed on Monday, March 23.