March 13, 2015


See a Concert Film Iron & Wine Made in the Middle of Nowhere

Iron & Wine, live, is an indelible experience. Sam Beam and his fellow musicians tend to whip their songs into drastically different shape from the album versions, losing none of the tenderness or lushness.

But now a new 30-minute concert film canonizes the just-Sam-and-an-acoustic-guitar experience, which is a whole other type of delight. Titled Dreamers & Makers Are My Favorite People, the movie—streaming for free above—is partially a documentary about the origins of Iron & Wine, and partially about the origins of the Jerry Run Theater in rural Cleveland, West Virginia. The venue was built over the course of a decade by one dedicated music-lover and his generous, handy friends. The film is a fascinating, soothing viewing experience. And those folk-singing openers, Marteka and William, are adorable.

Keeping with the theme of the recently released Archive Series Volume No. 1, the Iron & Wine set consisted largely of ancient and rare tunes. Beam seems to have fun with the trip back through time, but he's also quick to laugh at the work his younger self cooked up. The music starts at the seven-minute mark; at 15:20, there's a story about partying, drinking, and jamming with a pre-fame Bradley Cooper.

With a $5 purchase of Dreamers & Makers Are My Favorite People, buyers also receive audio of the entire 22-song performance.