March 6, 2015


John Mayer Talks About His Struggles as an "Ego Addict"

John Mayer went on Today with Ronan Farrow recently to clarify some ongoing rumors about the singer: He's a womanizer, he's self-centered, all that negative junk. 

Mayer was at first unapologetic about his past behavior with the media, starting with, "[It's like] 'Alright dude, you did a couple interviews where you were out of touch and you were being a ham, you were basically night club dancing into a nitroglycerin plant.'"

When asked the big "W" question, Mayer said, point-blank, that he does not consider himself a womanizer: 

"No, absolutely not... but when you're crafty and clever and you go, 'Well I'm just going to be as strange as they think I am,' then, number one, you're not playing music anymore. Number two, you're not feeling anything honestly, and number three, you're not saying anything honestly."

Then he took it one step further: 

"I'm a recovered ego addict. The only way that I can be sure that I don't relapse is to admit that I constantly have this ego addiction everyday, so I do the GRAMMYs and I go home. If I stay, I get high again. Then you're low again because you can't stop looking, so I'm a recovered ego addict."

Watch the full interview above. And good luck and solidarity to Mr. Mayer with his continuing recovery.