March 30, 2015


Rihanna Debuts "Bitch Better Have My Money" Live at iHeartRadio Awards

Hey. Morning. So what'd you think of Rihanna's first explosive R8 single last week, "Bitch Better Have My Money"?

Doesn't matter. Because her performance at Sunday's iHeartRadio Awards just took this song straight to the Rih-Rih pantheon. Jumping onboard with the total hip hop vibe Beyoncé poured all over BEYONCÉ ("7/11," "Partition," "Drunk in Love," anyone? Surfbort?), Rih came in stunting on a helicopter—A HELICOPTER ON AN AWARDS SHOW STAGE—dressed head to toe in black and Nickelodeon-slime-green. She and that dynamite beat proceeded to destroy everything, the most lit performance since Kanye brought flamethrowers and 100 of his dudes to debut "All Day" at the Brit Awards. Watch it up top.

Everything we've heard from Rihanna in 2015 has been great in a completely different way. "FourFiveSeconds," her first single of the year, a team-up with Paul McCartney and Kanye West, was Auto-Tune country pop—a 2015 hip hop Beatles cut. Then came the great, self-contained songs from Home, an animated film featuring Rih voicing a starring role, plus a slew of exclusive original songs by the Unapologetic queen.

Followed by a few tastes—all various flavors—of the album, reportedly called R8, and now "Bitch Better Have My Money." A banger that ends with a guitar solo straight from the Journey playbook. And the iHeartRadio performance made it official: This is YOUR YEAR, RIHANNA.