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March 25, 2015


Mixtape Pioneer DJ SKEE Talks The Game's "300 Bars and Runnin'"

Mixtapes weren't a thing yet when DJ SKEE started making his own as a teenager in Minnesota. But the simple compilation mixtapes he made in his bedroom served as an entryway to some big breaks later in his career. 

In the above exclusive webclip from DJ SKEE Ignited, you can watch SKEE discuss the rise of mixtape culture and how he was at the forefront of it all, working with artists like The Game and Snoop Dogg to put music directly in the hands of consumers without needing approval from record labels or artist managers. 

SKEE explains that as the Internet began dominating the way people discovered new music, it let artists release new music on their own terms. "We'd go in and record a record that night, mix it, put it out online and press up some CDs and hit the streets with those," he says. "A lot of my early stuff with The Game and Snoop and even Akon were street albums in a weird way."

The Los Angeles-based DJ continues by identifying The Game's "300 Bars & Runnin'" as the song he considers his "stamp on L.A." The 15-minute song appeared on The Game's You Know What It Is Vol. 3 mixtape. 

"It represents what I do," SKEE says of the song. "It's creativity, it's mixing all these different elements in one place, and it's exposing Game's message at that time. He had a point to get across and I was able to really put the exclamation point behind that. That's the song that got me that mainstream recognition."

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