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March 24, 2015


How Did DJ SKEE Become...DJ SKEE?

You may know that DJ SKEE lives in Los Angeles now, but he wasn't always living on the West Coast. Born in the Midwest and made by the East Coast, DJ SKEE has spent time in all parts of the country. 

"I grew in Minneapolis but I was really a New York and East Coast hip hop-head," SKEE details. "New York was really the city that made me." 

He's referring to his very first job–under legendary Loud Records CEO Steve Rifkind. This was the first time SKEE was around superstars as they were breaking into the mainstream...a process with which he would become familiar, as he helped break countless artists later in his career.

"I really got to witness Eminem go from being nobody to being the biggest star on the planet. Seeing that firsthand and getting that taste was just incredible for me at the time."

Watch the full exclusive webclip, from DJ SKEE Ignited, above to learn about what artists started making an impact on SKEE when he moved cross-country to L.A. Don't miss Fuse's special premiere of DJ SKEE Ignited on Thursday, March 26, at 11/10c! Find Fuse in your area.