March 25, 2015


These White Kids Host a Ridiculous House Party in "Sneak Out" Video

Chances are you've seen at least one of These White Kids. Half of the young duo, BB the Jerk, was a contestant on Season 3 of The X Factor as part of Wild Thingz (who Simon Cowell had a soft spot for). His cohort, ATM, has racked up millions of views for his viral hits, like "Bernie Lean," which has more than 2 million views. Now, together as These White Kids, the pair are bringing a style reminiscent to LMFAO's beat-driven madness to a new audience—and premiering their first single and music video for the party anthem "Sneak Out" exclusively on Fuse.

In the clip, BB the Jerk and ATM sing and rap through a house party that includes people dressed in hamburger costumes, a dude wrapped up in bondage gear, girls twerking in the hallway, a sex doll who makes her way to just about every room, and stacks on stacks of buttermilk pancakes. It's like that one rager you went to in college that you still remember for how absolutely bonkers it was, the one you wish you could go back to just one more time.

BB the Jerk explained the video to us, saying:

"This is the music video equivalent to American Pie. We wanted something you would see and think to yourself 'WTF did I just watch?' This was honestly the most fun we've had on a set. We had alcohol for the crew so we could all get wasted and forget that we were shooting a music video. All of our closest friends came out to the shoot and turned up with us. Girls were running around half naked in the house. It was pouring rain. It was all a really f*cked up, amazing dream."

Check out These White Kids' fantasy above, and look out for more from the duo in 2015.