March 6, 2015


'Bering Sea Gold' Star Emily Riedel Talks Mining & Pooping on a Boat on 'WGTS'

Emily Riedel, star of Discovery Channel's Bering Sea Gold, stops by White Guy Talk Show and tells hosts Grace and Choksi what exactly she does as a gold mining captain of her own boat, the only female with that title, at that.

Above, Riedel ensures there is a difference between "gold miners" and "gold diggers" (ha!) and discusses being a female in a male-dominated field. Plus, Riedel, who also sings opera, explains the classical music origin behind the name of her boat, Eroica. Of course Grace and Choksi had to get Emily to show off that operatic voice, so they have her sing some random phrases.

Below, Riedel reveals how she relieves stress while on her boat out in the middle of the ocean. Things really get interesting when Grace asks the golden question; Where do you poop when you're miles out in the middle of the ocean? Emily's answer will probably shock you.

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