March 19, 2015


Comedian Gina Brillon Goes Speed Dating on 'White Guy Talk Show'

Actress, comedian, and now an official White Guy Talk Show correspondent – Is there anything Gina Brillon can't do? We seriously doubt it.

On last night's WGTS Gina stopped by to introduce herself to the show, including a hilarious story about her parents who love being in her stand-up act a bit too much. Let's just say it includes her dad being in a probably painful sitaution ...and her mom calling Gina to tell her instead of calling 911.

We weren't through with her just yet. After giving Gina the opportunity to embarrass her fam, it's only to put her out there, too, right? The single (and lovely) comedian took the WGTS cameras with her as she went speed dating here in NYC. Watch the full interview above now.

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