March 26, 2015


Danny DeVito Cosigned 'Gotham' Star Robin Lord Taylor's Penguin Portrayal

Gotham star Robin Lord Taylor stopped by White Guy Talk Show and revealed why landing a role as iconic as the Penguin was major for him. As if playing Penguin wasn't major enough, Danny DeVito, who played Penguin in 1992's Batman Returns, cosigned Taylor's portrayal of the famous Batman villain.

Plus, the actor shows the WGTS hosts how to nail Penguin's trademark limp and lets them in on a little Hollywood secret about limping on camera.

Below, the actor talks about Martin Greenfield, a famous tailor responsible for making President Obama, Bush and Clinton's suits, making his custom suits for Gotham. Speaking of custom-made suits, Taylor also recalls early fan criticism after being cast as a villain usually portrayed as portly.

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