March 3, 2015


Shawn Ashmore Talks 'The Following' Spoilers & More on 'White Guy Talk Show'

White Guy Talk Show is about to bring you a hefty helping of guests and interviews from a perspective that you might not be expecting, based on the title of the show. The half-hour, daily show is hosted by two "not white guys" and asks the questions no one else asks.

On the premiere episode, hosts Grace Parra and Shaurin Choksi welcome Shawn Ashmore, star of Fox's hit series The Following and X-Men: Days of Future Past.

Above, Shawn tells fans what they can expect from his character in season three of The Following and the possibility of being killed off the show. Plus, Shawn talks about his twin brother and their eerie twin psychic connection moment.

Below, Shawn talks about the show's abundance of fake blood and his secret to cleaning it off his skin. Shawn also gives a few hints about upcoming plot points for the new season of The Following.

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