April 29, 2015


Adam Lambert & Ravers Get Wild in Dark "Ghost Town" Video

We already told you how Adam Lambert's comeback single "Ghost Town" was a sonic mix of melancholy and house music. Its accompanying video is the visual representation of that.

Watch the black-and-white visual above, which shows Lambert singing the gloomy lyrics ("Died last night in my dreams / Walking the streets of some old ghost town") as the camera cuts to scenes of a run-down, lamentable dessert village. But once the track's booming house beat kicks in, we're thrown into a world of ravers getting cray in their own ways. From a tattooed, bald woman snarling at the camera to a hunky ballerino lifting his leg to his head, there's a slew of fascinating party people to watch among the strobe lights and smoke filling the frame.

While there are loads of captivating images, we can't help but feel it comes off a little cheap and underwhelming when put together. Maybe it's the very minimal sets or the corny image layering, but when you hire Hype Williams to direct your video, we'd expect something bigger...especially when combined with a forward-thinking pop star like Adam. While Williams has hit out of the park with some of his recent videos (namely Jennifer Lopez's "Booty" and Beyonce's "Blow"), he has had a slew of very tacky-looking misses recently (compare the aforementioned vids to J.Lo's "Feel the Light" or Bey's "Drunk in Love").

"Ghost Town" sets the mood for Lambert's upcoming album The Original High. Check out everything we know about the album right here