April 29, 2015


Alabama Shakes Launch Space-Age "Sound & Color" Video

The very warm-you-up-ish title track on Alabama Shakes' majestic, powerful new album isn't the one you'd expect to get the first music video—not over "Don't Wanna Fight" or "Gimme All Your Love"—but here we are. And the clip's as surprising as the melange of new musical directions on Sound & Color. Check it out above. 

The austere, James Frost–helmed mini-story is melancholy, featuring a disoriented spaceman navigating the cold white contours of his floating home. His memory sparks with vivid flashes of his earthbound life—his long-gone wife and son; birthdays; swingsets. Our hero's alone, his world of sound and color replaced with powdered food packets and a lonesome control room.

"Sound & Color" is as an invocation for the new album; is there any chance this video serves the same purpose for a new series of clips? "Future People" would adapt nicely to an interstellar interpretation, as would the six-and-a-half-minute, Black Sabbath–y "Gemini." The sky—and whatever's beyond it—is the limit.

One request, though: Can we get some Brittany Howard next time?