April 27, 2015


Brandon Flowers Shares Surprising (And Slightly Creepy) "Lonely Town" Vid

The Killers frontman Brandon Flowers has always expressed a deep love for '80s music—his singles often use huge synth sounds and stadium-sized choruses. His upcoming sophomore solo album continues in this tradition. A quick listen to "Can't Deny My Love," Flowers' first single off the upcoming record, feels like it came straight from the Pet Shop Boys themselves.

Today his second track, "Lonely Town," is given a retro (and kinda unsettling) new look.

A young woman sits in her house and grabs a walkman (a cassette playing device, for all the youths out there). She throws in her "Lonely Town" tape and begins dancing around her home, free in a way you can only be when you're alone. She travels from room to room, busting a move on the dining room table, kicking her feet on the couch, stopping only to microwave dinner.

It all seems innocent enough until the camera pans outside, where some unnamed voyeur has been watching her the entire evening. Check it out above and while you're knee-deep in Killer territory, peep their killer U2 cover and revisit "Shot at the Night" from the band's Direct Hits album.