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Is David Hasselhoff's New Video Better Than the 'Star Wars' Trailer?

Watch the 'Knight Rider' star battle for his life in a bad '80s movie that never existed

David Hasselhoff has just topped himself. The 62-year-old actor who famously performed a rock concert at the Berlin Wall in 1989—and who also made headlines after his daughter leaked a video of him drunkenly eating hamburger off a floor—has just released what could be the music video of the year.

Written and recorded for an action flick called Kung Fury, which is currently trying to lock in funding through a Kickstarter campaign, "True Survivor" features the Hoff in an impossibly '80s setting. Over a bed of coked-out synths and a driving drum machine pattern, the actor sings out lyrical clichés about "feeding the flame" and "burning hearts" while standing in front of a white Lamborghini. 

The mind-bending clip for "True Survivor" also includes unnecessary slow-motion fighting scenes, a dude ripping a keytar solo and...a dinosaur. In other words, it's the best thing you'll see on the internet all year. [Editor's note: a certain Star Wars fanatic begs to differ!] 

In Kung Fury's Kickstarter synopsis, writer/director David Sandberg describes the film as “an '80s action comedy about a super kung-fu cop in Miami in the 1980s, who decides to travel back in time in order to kill Adolf Hitler.” 



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