May 14, 2015


Hilary Duff's "Sparks" Video Is Basically an Ad for Tinder

Update (5/14): Despite teasing a technicolor dream world in the initial teaser clip, Hilary Duff's new music video for "Sparks" is essentially an ad for the trendy dating app Tinder. And not a very believable one either.

The clip opens with media outlets "scrutinizing" the non-controversial story that Hil's trying out the app ("Hilary Duff admits she's on Tinder!" a host exclaims, as if it's a shocking scoop) over the song's opening bars. The music continues as we watch professional footage of Hilary's Tinder experiences including creating her profile and two dates. It's all interspersed with footage of the Andy Warhol–inspired video set, which sees the singer/actress serving up rather out-of-sync choreography with two back-up dancers.

Viewers are given the jarring task of trying to take in the glossed-up music video world, while also watching the "real" Hilary on her Tinder dates. But the the multiple cameras used for real-world Hilary feels contrived and played out, making one wonder if she signed up for Tinder just to have a cool music video concept. (Or is this just over-the-top product placement?)

Even when Hil's chatting with her girls ("I want to know what it is to connect with someone and what it is that gives you those sparks," she says), it all comes off wholly disingenuous. But given that Hilary's been living as the weird life of a celebrity since her teens mixed with Tinder's flawed system of finding true love, may just be the perfect match.

We're still rooting for the Duffster 100 percent, and however the public takes this video, it'll probably only fast-forward the release of the star's comeback album, Breathe In. Breath Out.

Orignial Story (4/30): Hilary Duff has a fantastic new pop single and its video looks like it might be her best in years. While we loved Hil's adorkable "Chasing the Sun" video and the story line from "All About You," the new video for "Sparks" is giving us everything we want from our favorite dormant pop star.

Watch the first tease, via the Duffster's Instagram, that shows Hilary serving choreography (which might shape up to be her best moves since "Stranger") and bold fashion (check out that multi-hued mermaid hair and sparkly short shorts!) all inside an Andy Warhol-inspired, technicolor dream world.

The Tove Lo-penned "Sparks" is an addictive, whistle-laden, electro-pop jam and probably Duff's best shot at a major musical comeback. "Chasing the Sun" stalled on the charts at No. 79, while "All About You" failed to chart at all. 

The girl has some serious gems in her discography and knows how to write a great pop song. We're worried that if this one doesn't take off, a full-length album may not surface at all. But given this promising teaser, we're hoping that the full video can reignite interest in Duff's music career when it drops. Take a listen to the full song below: