April 2, 2015


Watch Kendrick Lamar's "King Kunta" Video

Straight from Times Square to the screen of your choice, Kendrick Lamar's "King Kunta" video—the first clip since the release of the impeccable To Pimp a Butterfly—is here. It's a total tribute to Compton U.S.A., and Kendrick's unique dance game (see the "i" video if you haven't given that gift to yourself yet) is in full force. Helmed by Director X, the whole thing's done in an Instagram-friendly square format. Watch it above, and see the Times Square clips and deets below.

Original Story (4/1): Fan favorite Kendrick Lamar debuted the video for his To Pimp a Butterfly hit "King Kunta" live in Times Square Wednesday evening. 

Pitchfork reports the video was by Director X and filmed at the Compton Swap Meet. Complex was there the moment the video went up and shared the clip above.

By the looks of it, Lamar is surrounded by beautiful ladies and beautiful cars. Not too shabby! Fader was also there; check out more footage from vid below.