April 23, 2015


Watch Heidi Klum Get Hot and Heavy to Sia's "Fire Meet Gasoline"

UPDATE: Turns out Heidi Klum's getting into the music business. Despite being uploaded to Sia's official Vevo page, "Fire Meet Gasoline" is actually a music video ad for the supermodel's new lingerie line that licensed the song from the singer.

According to the singer's record label RCA Records, the song is not a Sia video and was not involved in the shooting, but offered her song to Heidi to shoot for her line.

Original Story: At this point Sia's music videos are as memorable as her sweeping choruses. The "Chandelier" chanteuse usually works with 11-year-old dancing prodigy Maddie Ziegler and actor Shia LaBoeuf, platinum blond wigs and bodysuits, but has opted for something a bit more traditional in her latest vid. "Fire Meet Gasoline" still tells a narrative, but a different one of love.

The clip stars the most super of all super models, Heidi Klum and Game of Thrones mega-babe Pedro Pascal (Prince Oberyn Martell):

In the video, the ridiculously good-looking pair drive on an isolated country road just as the sun sets. They frolic across an abandoned countryside, in curtains, on a bed...things escalate quickly. Near the end, Klum sets their quaint home ablaze (while rocking Sia's iconic bob wig) and the couple embrace while the watching the flames.

After clicking play above, check out Sia's collaboration with Eminem (speaking of whom: "Love the Way You Lie" video vs. "Fire Meets Gasoline" video...battle of the burning houses, anyone?), and peep our favorite renditions of Sia's hit "Chandelier" by All Time Low and comedian Kristen Wigg, respectively.