April 21, 2015


MGK Gives Advice to Young Entrepreneurs on SKEE TV: "Lace Up"

SKEE TV kicked off on Fuse earlier this month, and the show's very first guest was Machine Gun KellyDJ SKEE sat down with the rapper to discuss his mindset going into his new album and the advice he has for young people looking to make it in the world–as an artist or otherwise. Check out the full clip above!

The one phrase MGK tosses out first? "Lace up."

Asked to further explain, he details, "In a day and age like this, put both feet on the ground, lace up, get ready to face the world, go out there, take it on, and turn a grain of sand into a diamond."

MGK took notice of the crowd cheering him on in the background and offered up some more insight: "It's about believing in something, having faith in something." He says he'll be the "people's champ" on his new album, and much more. 

Watch the full clip above for more from MGK, and don't miss SKEE TV on Thursdays at 10:30/9:30c! Find Fuse in your area.