April 24, 2015


Mark Ronson Details Pre-"Uptown Funk" Career Struggles on 'SKEE TV'

Mark Ronson has come a long way since his first-ever show. The 39-year-old English DJ and producer says his very first gig was at a bar that served underage patrons in New York–for which he got paid $50 to trudge all of his DJ gear back and forth during a snowstorm. 

Quite the stark contrast between the success of his fiery hit, "Uptown Funk," which features Bruno Mars and which was finally toppled from a reign at No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart that lasted 14 weeks.

Ronson was a special guest on last night's brand-new episode of SKEE TV–watch the full video of his appearance on the show above!

He delves into the moment that he finally let go of his fear that people weren't liking his music–the moment that made him comfortable writing the type of music that he actually likes. That turned out pretty well for Ronson, it seems–he won GRAMMY Awards for his work with Amy Winehouse and, of course, wound up releasing the most successful single of the year thus far. 

But the writing of "Uptown Funk" wasn't easy by any means: "'I worked harder on this song than maybe any other song I've ever worked on," Ronson explains. "It started as this fun jam at Bruno's studio, all of us on the instruments. Then getting it to the place where it was a real song, we nearly lost it 100 times on the way. There'd be sessions that we'd leave so frustrated that none of us wanted each other for like two weeks."

Obviously, Ronson & Co. wound up figuring it all out. Watch the full clip above to hear his thoughts on the insane success of "Uptown Funk" and find out more about his early years when he struggled to keep going without much commercial success. And be sure to tune into SKEE TV every Thursday at at 10:30/9:30c! Find Fuse in your area.