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Tom DeLonge's Debut Solo Single, "New World," Gets Destructive Vid

Watch the former Blink-182 dude break a bunch of equipment

Tom DeLonge is a man of many musical hats: He began with pop-punk positivity in Blink-182 (poop jokes and all), grew a bit more serious with Box Car Racer, and wound up playing mission commander for the spacey supergroup Angels & Airwaves. Following the announcement of his indefinite retirement from Blink, Tom shared "New World," the first single from his upcoming debut solo record. 

Today the anthemic tune gets a destructive video. Check it out up top.

It begins with Tom sitting on a dais, perhaps in a studio or at a venue long after the doors have closed and everyone has left. He begins to destroying everything, starting by smashing his guitar into the ground, and eventually taking a sledgehammer to a piano. When the clip ends, we watch his silhouette walk away, guitar slung on his shoulder, down a busy street. Metaphor for his dramatic Blink-182 exit?


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