April 2, 2015


Exclusive: Twin Peaks Bring Chicago Fire to Dr. Martens' SXSW House

Some of the best moments at Austin's annual SXSW festival are unexpected. It's the up-and-coming acts, not the well-established pop sensations, that truly dazzle and surprise the eager audiences. This year one of our favorite showcases was at the Dr. Martens' House, where bands like Cloud Nothings truly blew us off our feet...at 1 A.M.

Another indie rock act that delighted us was Chicago's Twin Peaks (not to be mistaken for the '90s television show). Dr. Martens has given Fuse an exclusive interview/performance film of the band's time destroying the small outdoor stage.

When asked what the group stands for, bassist Jack Dolan replied, "We like to stand for the city we come from. We stand for Chicago and music from Chicago and music everywhere. Music is good for the soul." Guitarist Cadien Lake James agrees, "We're standing for community in music. I think that's real, standing for rock and roll in the community."

The wisdom doesn't end there. Want advice young bands? Twin Peaks' has it for you: "I think you've got to have confidence in what you do," James continues. "You're only going to have confidence in what you do if you're passionate about it and it's something you truly love."