April 29, 2015


Watch This Uber Driver Belt Out Incredible, Impromptu Opera Performance

With their lower rates, comfier cars and on-demand driver service, there's a lot about Uber that's quickly making it a preferred mode of public transportation. But one of the car services' driver's impromptu music performance will undoubtedly make it even cooler.

Peep the video above where a passenger, Boston's Jeff Sullivan, filmed his Uber driver belting out some gorgeous opera during their trip. It's effin' Pavarotti none the less.

"He was playing [opera] on his radio and I told him how much I appreciated it," Sullivan told The Huffington Post. "He started [singing]…at first I thought he was kidding, then he started to impress more and more, so I pulled out my camera...no one would believe me when I told them I was just in an Uber with Pavoratti's muse."

As Sullivan comments at the end of the vid, "Wow, that's brilliant" and you'll feel the same afterwards. Does this guy take requests?