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Exclusive Interview

Sam Richardson Tells 'WGTS' About 'Veep' Season 4 & Growing Up in Ghana

Plus, the comedian does his famous Ghanaian father impression just for Choksi

Fans probably know Sam Richardson best as bumbling assistant Richard on HBO's hit series Veep, which returns for season 4 this Sunday.

The actor and comedian stopped by White Guy Talk Show to talk about his first time walking a red carpet (at the recent Veep premiere party) and becoming a series regular in the upcoming season.

Richardson came up in the Detroit improv scene with WGTS host Choksi and is also a Second City Chicago Mainstage alum. With a mother from Ghana, Richardson's childhood was split between the States and the African country. At Choksi's request, watch Richardson's fan-favorite impression of a Ghanaian father.

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