May 5, 2015


Watch Arnold Schwarzenegger Relive His Career in Six Hilarious Minutes

It's only been a month, but it doesn't feel too early to say that James Corden is killing it as the new host of the Late Late Show. First he got Tom Hanks to act out a frantic, side-splitting seven-minute career retrospective, and now he's done the same thing alongside the 67-year-old Arnold Schwarzenegger.

The six-minute piece of live theater and blue-screen wizardry features nods to Conan the Barbarian The Expendables, the first two Terminators, Predator and Twins, in which Arnold argues, "This is not the best scene in the movie—this one is." Cue "Yakety Yak" on an airplane.

Magic moments include a Silly String–assisted Mr. Freeze appearance, multiple Ahnold-punches, and Corden's recreation of Jamie Lee Curtis' sexy True Lies lap dance. The giddy pair make their way through close to 20 films, about half of Arnold's full feature filmography.

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