May 13, 2015


Britney Spears & Iggy Azalea Get '80s, Kitschy in "Pretty Girls" Video

When Britney Spears and Iggy Azalea's "Pretty Girls" dropped, we couldn't help but notice its similar sound to Azalea's smash "Fancy." It looks like the duo are taking another page out of the "Fancy" playbook with a music video also paying homage to a cult classic film—although this time it's a lot more obscure, and rather bizarre, compared to Clueless.

Taking both plot and fashion inspiration from 1988 cult romantic-comedy Earth Girls Are Easy, Brit plays an L.A. valley girl who finds a friend in alien superbabe Iggy after the rapper is zapped into a pool from outer space. While some of "Pretty Girls" is kitschy and cringeworthy to watch, there are some (perhaps unintentionally) hilarious moments, like when Iggy does her best alien-ified impression while talking on the phone—only to really come off as an awkward, husky-voiced Australian with a speech disorder.

While Alien Iggy is a contender for the best moment in the vid, she doesn't overshadow her diva costar, who looks like she's having the most fun she's had on a video set in years. It very well may be the most dancing we've seen from Brit since 2011's "Till the World Ends." Plus, she plays the hyper valley girl role to a T, nearly to the point where we can't tell if it's acting or just Brit's bubbly personality.

The duo are bringing "Pretty Girls" to life at the Billboard Music Awards on May 17. Fingers crossed for loads of '80s wear, and for Iggy to wear that body-hugging alien outfit come performance time.