May 21, 2015


Foo Fighters Close Out David Letterman's Last 'Late Show' Episode

As David Letterman's tenure at the Late Show careened to an end, we were wondering: What musical guest would close out the era? Turns out Dave's favorite band, the Foo Fighters, were more than willing to take on the challenge.

Ripping through their 1997 hit "Everlong," the Seattle act played as a video tribute to Letterman's decades-long career played. The performance lasted about six-minutes, pushing past the show's 12:35 AM curfew...and there were still many more highlights to be shown.

As Rolling Stone reports, images of iconic moments like Drew Barrymore's desk dance and Jerry Lawler's Andy Kaufman slap were given loving spotlights along the way. "Everlong," partnered with the clips, felt especially moving. While introducing the Foo Fighters, Letterman mentioned that the song guided him through his 2000 quintuple bypass surgery and the five-week recovery period.

Watch the clip above and embrace your inner Foo Fighter with our fan tattoo gallery. Farewell for now, David Letterman.