May 18, 2015


Nicki Minaj Brings Back the Pink Wig for David Guetta's "Hey Mama" Vid

Too many DJs take the easy way out when they film music videos in the club. But David Guetta's productions typically go way beyond what we'd expect from the usual EDM banger—remember the absolutely bizarre "Play Hard"? His latest, "Hey Mama," is no exception, with guest Nicki Minaj returning to one of her signature looks.

Watch the French producer explore a rave in the middle of the desert. He soon finds a type of hologram machine and creates an ultra-sexy Nicki projection dressed in a body-hugging one-piece, plus the rapper's signature pink wig. While Nick's been rocking different looks lately—often opting for sleek black hair—the long, pink wig with bangs looks just as natural on Nicki as any other color. Not going to lie, we kind of missed Pink Friday's namesake hue. 

"Hey Mama" is an all-star collab between Minaj, Guetta, Dutch DJ Afrojack and rising singer-songwriter Bebe Rexha. While the latter two artists don't appear in the video, "Hey Mama" has been an awesome boost for each artist's career this year.

At No. 13 on the Billboard Hot 100 this week, "Hey Mama" is the biggest chart hit ever for Rexha, while marking the best showing for both Guetta and Afrojack since 2011. Meanwhile, "Hey Mama" is also Nicki's biggest single of they year following successes like "Truffle Butter" and "Throw Sum Mo" featuring Rae Sremmurd. Look out for it to rise even higher with this fun video.

Watch Nicki and David's performance of "Hey Mama" (preceded by Minaj's new solo single "The Night Is Still Young") below: