May 14, 2015


Lil' Kim's Reality Show Looks Like It Should Be a Joke, But It Isn't

Giving the world no preparation, Lil' Kim has unleashed the trailer to her new reality show that, according to the title on its YouTube trailer, is probably titled Queen Bee and is coming "soon," meaning sometime this year. And if this little taste is any indication, it might be a low-budget mess of a reality show. Which mean it will be absolutely excellent television.

Watch the whole bizarre thing, which opens with a dressed-down Kim goofily cackling, "It's time for the black Kardashian," giving a giggle and a wink for the camera. The viewer is then subjected to a PowerPoint-esque montage of music video clips and photos from Kim's glory days in the '90s.

The most unintentionally hilarious moments have to be when Kim reveals SNL-like anecdotes about her humor ("My friends say that I'm hilarious"), personal tragedy ("Puffy gave me a full-length chinchilla, unfortunately someone stole it") and about how "Lil' Kim is a big brand" (cue ad from her latest endorsement deal, with Three Olives Vodka, which was five years ago). She later begs "anyone out there listening" to buy her a Rolls Royce.

Yeah—Queen Bee, or whatever its title will be, will be incredible.