May 29, 2015


Little Mix's "Black Magic" Video Is a Modern Ode to 'The Craft'

Little Mix's new single "Black Magic" is a deliciously nostalgia-tinged piece of pop music, and now the U.K. girl group have delivered the music video, which also boasts a wink to yesteryear. 

Watch the girls' latest visual above; we'd say it's loosely based on the iconic 1996 teen film The Craft, about four outcasts who gain witchcraft and sorcery powers to rule their high school. Here, we see the LM gals as four outcasts themselves (although they're playing nerds here versus The Craft star's goth style) who gain magic powers of their own to upgrade their style and embarrass the bullies at school. 

Fans of The Craft will spot on-point homages to the film in the video—like when Perrie runs her hands through her hair and changes its color (see the original clip below). But there are some fundamental differences, including that the original Craft girls go visit a witchcraft store rather than coming across a magic spell book like the Mixettes do—along with the whole nerd vs. goth thing.

But just like other awesomely nostalgic music videos (Iggy Azalea's "Fancy" and she and Britney Spears"Pretty Girls,") this throwback-inspired visual is the perfect treat for your Friday. We know what we're queuing up on Netflix this weekend...